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Any good C-stock deals to be had these days?

Gallo Pazzesco

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I'm going to call my family in Italy and see what the actual going price for one of them collapsible stocks is? because from what i can tell people are making a killing off them specially this guy ^

Not a bad idea Bello you might make a little folding money. But always remember America was founded on good ideas, hard work and determination (also smuggling, patent infringment and general carte blance narrow agenda lawlesness.) heckler&kochp2000 put in the first three items I listed and is reaping the benifit so more power to him. But a bit of good ol' US capitalistic compatition would not be bad, might bring the prices down ;) Send me a pm if you manage to bring some in. And as for you heckler&kochp2000 I am waiting for your Lee Iacocca type biography.



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psshh.. customs its not illegal lmao




An Application and Permit for Importation of Firearms, Ammunition and Implements of War is generally needed to import defense articles into the United States.




.... IOWs include magazines, grips, barrels, mounts, scopes, and night visions, etc...


If it were just as easy as shipping them to yourself/having a relative ship from Italy, do you really think you would be one of the select few to pick up on that, or do you think the market price here would be very near what it is in Italy?

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