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Considering the purchase of an M4 and need some advice>>>>>>

Rolex John

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I'd like to purchase an M4 and have a few questions.


Firstly, I'm reading an M4 can be had for about $1325.00. Can anyone point me to the source?


Secondly, the end goal would be to put the adjustable stock and tube extension on it. Would I be better off (price wise) buying the stock and tube after my initial acquisition of the M4 and putting them on or purchasing the gun with these accessories up front? Are they difficult to install yourself?


I have a spare Aimpoint PRO I'd put on it. Any other accessories I should consider?


Thanks for any help!

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Rolex John/John Rolex,


I'm a new M4 owner and was in your position last summer. I decided to get the basic out-of-the-box M4 ($1630, local FFL).

Took my new M4 to the range and shot a various targets (size and distance; slugs, buck, and shot), practiced home defense scenarios and even took it turkey hunting. Read every M4 article on this forum and discussed shotgun tactics with some friends.


After all that, in November I made a list of what I needed for my shotgun; carefully evaluating overall weight. If you are not careful, your basic 7.8lb Benelli M4 can balloon to >11lbs - try hauling that around.


My thoughts on accessories (Note: you should consider one accessary add at a time and do some shooting before moving on to the next add-on):

1. Light weight systems made of Titanium (compcarrier.com 7-rd magazine and enhanced charging handle; still waiting on delivery).

2. Surefire M80 Picatinny Forend has more than enough space for flashlights (e.g. SureFire M600C), addtional shell caddy (e.g. SideArmor's 2-rd Forward Shell Holder), forward vertical grip and if you want, room for a small aiming laser (e.g. LaserMax Unimax Rail Green 5mW). The SureFire M80 is lighter than SideArmor's Benelli Mod 2 M4 rail system.

3. 6rd side saddle vice a 8 or 10 rd - once again keep weight and bulk down (SideArmor 6-Rd Picatinny Mounted Shell Side Saddle is adequate for me). I did evaluate the 3GunGear velcro shell Side Saddle because of very low weight, but I just didn't like the look on "my" M4.

4. Enhanced Safety - fumbling in gloves and cold wet environment (GG&G Enhanced Safety: still waiting on delivery).

5. Enhance Bolt release (GG&G M4 Tactical Pad) - was tired of searching for bolt release in a rapid (combat) reload and then having the charging handle hit my hand (i.e. I combat reload over the top of the receiver).

6. Tritium Forward and Rear Ghost Sights - dealing with that dark thing in CQB or flashlight failure.

7. Ambi Sling Swivel (KZ Benelli M4 adapter) with MAGPUL MS2 single point sling - tactical movement, home defense.

8. LaRue low picatinny mount (LT661) for my Aimpoint T1 red dot - hunting and tactical.

9. Finally, the Mesa Urbino Stock with cheek riser. It just fit my shoulder better and the cheek riser allows quick eye alignment with the Aimpoint T1.


"My" M4 is ready for home defense, tactical and hunting, AND at no time is all the stuff I described above on the shotgun at one time. I configure the M4 for the tactic being considered.


In regard to "ease of installing" any of the above accessories - read this forum; there are many articles on lessons learned to avoid issues and frustration.


As you read this forum you will get many ways to configure your M4. But, keep in mind it is "Your" M4, configured to "Your" body type, for "Your" lifestyle, and within "Your" budget.


Welcome to the Benelli M4.

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I just paid $1630 + tax.


I live in Northern PA..........Not every dealer here sells/carries Benelli guns. My local dealer informed me that there is not a big demand here for them and he has to sell so many Benelli's a year, in order to keep them in his store. But there are big sporting good stores like Dicks Sporting Goods that carry Benelli guns. But they are pricey.........

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Lowest price new that ive seen from an authorized dealer is just shy of $1.5k from buds (out of stock). However, Benelli has recently raised the MSRP of them about $200-300 so maybe buds price may adjust accordingly when them get some more.


There's some folks in this thread which suggest the M4 can be had for $1325.00. I'd just like to know where....



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