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M4 gas pistons making clicking sound.


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Hey new friends..


I noticed a clicking/ clanking sound that I'm pretty sure my m4 didn't make when it was new. I found that both pistons were the cause of it. Basically when I tilt the shotgun forward and back the pistons will slide and I'll hear the metal on metal click of the piston when it slides forward. Is it normal and I'm putting myself through undue worry or should I be concerned?



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WARNING,WARNING. It could be VERY unsafe.Do not shoot it.Please box it right away, Sent to me for testing. I will let you know in a couple of years if safe.Also please send 3000 rounds of good quality ammo to help with testing.

PS. There will be no charge for this service.

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When the piston is fully retracted (as though you have tilted it muzzle-down), it has about 1/3" of "running room" before it slams into the bolt-carrier.


If this occurs with it utilizing the full 1/3", it will have built up such speed that the BCG will launch through the back wall of the receiver and end you.


Hence all of the news coverage of Benelli M4's exploding in our troop's hands.


Please accept my address in lieu of an RMA label. Once that nice Nigerian prince sends me the money he promised, I will refund your shipping cost, and dispose of it properly for you :)

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