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Argo np3 ?


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Interesting thought. I've had more than a few gas operated pistols and rifles NP3'd with no problems. The plating only adds a few ten-thousands of an inch to the diameters of pistons or gas tubes/blocks, so I don't see how, unless you have no clearance to begin with, NP3 could do anything but make operation and cleaning easier.


I'd go the NP3 Plus route though... it's great for moving parts.


"NP3 Plus - Shotgun internal parts only $115.00"


Robbie B. isn't all that far away from where you are... call him up and have a chat about it. (623) 581-2648




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Did Benelli NP3 the pistons in their H20?


The only benefit I expect you'll see is much easier cleaning. Hopefully they don't take too long.


Another option would be to use Nickel Boron from a place like WMD Guns.


Yeah, I want the easier cleaning + added durability. Not too sure about the H2O pistons. NiB is cool too, but I like the added benefit of the teflon impregnation. I figure for $30 it's worth it to add a little extra life and ease cleaning a little bit.

Dropped 'em off today and got quoted 2-3 weeks. Maybe less if time permits.

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