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Benelli M4?


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Hi Everyone,


This is my first post so my apologies if I posted in the wrong place or anything. I own a few pistols and rifles but haven't had a shotgun yet. So I don't know much about them.

I'm now looking to buy a new Benelli slug shotgun. And I'm excited - even though it's a gift for my dad. He wants it primarily for hunting but he's also starting to get into the "tactical/combat" stuff.

We were both interested in the M4 from Benelli - and I just wanted some opinions on whether or not this is a good deer hunting shotgun.

Maybe some pro's and con's - of a M4 vs. a Super Black Eagle or a Vinci?

He wants a 12 gauge that will accept anything from 2.75" - 3.5"; a light weight shotgun that is not likely to jam or have issues.

And again, he really ONLY hunts deer. So it doesn't have to be good with bird or turkey hunting.


Any info or opinions would be extremely helpful! :cool:

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I agree with truckcop in saying the M4 is not for you. M4's are amazing pieces, but it's just not what you'd want. It's got a specific purpose outside of what you'd really use it for, and it won't take 3 1/2's. Additionally, you're looking at primarily short barrels at 18.5" (i.e. poorer slug performance, which is all your father would use it for).


If 3 1/2's are necessary, go with a SBE. If you could live with only shooting 3" shells, i'd go with a used M1. You could probably pick up a a SBE or M1 with a good compromise barrel at 24", or a two barrel set (one rifled, one smooth-bore) for still less money than a decently-priced m2. And that's like HALF the cost of the m4.

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Zombie deer may be coming in to season very soon also so an M4 would be my choice all day for those as they tend to be a bit more aggressive.


Maybe throw in some Federal Tru-ball slugs for the smooth bore barrel and you'll be chompin down zombie venison before ya know it.


Make sure you cook it all the way through though.


Feeding under-cooked zombie venison to a really big woman could produce a real pesky case of the mad cow...;)

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