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Benelli USA CS: awesome


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Just wanted to give credit where it is due. A few weeks ago I attempted to remove the recoil spring (finally) from my M4, only to find it would not come out. The threaded plug was stuck in there somehow. Trying to be gentle got me nowhere. I didn't want to take a chance on stripping the threads out of the recoil tube, so I called Benelli. They said to send it to them and they will check it out.


A couple weeks later (thanks to Hurricane Sandy), I got a call from one of the gunsmiths. He asked a couple questions, and then had it fixed that afternoon and sent the frame back. I now have my M4 receiver back and it is better than new (literally).


Love Benelli! Way to go guys. :)

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Yep, Benelli will take care of you. At around round 9000, my M4 was in bad shape. Given it had a 4 port barrel, it had battered the bolt carrier group until the rails of the bolt carrier had mushroomed until it would bind in the receiver when it cycled to the rear.

I called up Benelli and asked for assistance. They said to box it up and send it in. Three weeks later, the M4 returned with a brand new 2 port 11707 barrel, new bolt carrier group, new handguards, new ARGO pistons and plugs.

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