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Weapon light!


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I have some questions regarding weaponlight for hunting. Mostly for going after wounded games.


I want it to be compitable whit both my rifle and shotgun.


I have been looking at Surefire M3. Since it seems to be the best one on the market.




I allso need a switch Will this one work fine? http://www.surefire.com/maxexp/main/co_disp/displ/carfnbr/289/prrfnbr/24372


I am thinking of mounting it on the mag extension. Anyone have any experience of this and what kind of mounts I need to do that. I have seen a picatinny rail that you clamp on to the extension wich you can rapidly mount and remove the flashlight.


Anyone know how far you can see whit an M3 light in the dark night? Atleast a hundred yards I hope.


Would be very greatfull for respons and feedback. And If you have mounted a surefire your self please post a pic of it.




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Jakjakman and I both have surefire m3s.


His is mounted on his m4, I carry mine around in my pocket to beat people with.


The beam lights up my pond at 100 yards pretty well ... the battery on my good camera is dead, or else I would get a beamshot for you. Maybe tomorrow night.


To mount it, you need any laser/scope/flashlight with 1 inch rings. This can be anything from a 5 dollar ebay special to a 90 dollar larue tactical offset mount.


That switch will work perfectly ... it allows you to use it as a push button light, and also as a tape switch. If you want to spend less money, you can get just a tapeswitch for around $20.


As far as the rail goes, the only option really right now is the sidearmor rail. It clamps on between the barrel and the mag and lets you mount stuff on both sides.


The light itself is pretty solid ... I have a lot of faith in its ruggedness.


Why do you want a light that shines 100 yards? The chances of you shooting 100 yards with your shotgun at night are very slim ... or are you just wondering how bright it is? If so, it will blind you at night for a good 10 seconds if you get a direct hit on someones night adjusted eyes. 225 lumens does the trick.


If you really want a 100 yard light, go for the m3 turbo light. That larger reflector narrows down the beam, and has more surface area.

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I allso want to be able to mount it on my rifle, Thats why I want to be able to shot at atleast a hundred yards.


Thanks for the answer! Can you give any example of a 1 inch ring wich fits the M3 lamp and my benelli. Does surefire make any of those?


Hope you or anyone ellse can post some pics later ;)

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It adds a fair amount of weight ... it depends on how far forward you mount the light.


As far as mounts go, the larue tactical offset light mount, IMO, is the best on the market.




If you don't want to spend that much money, lots of places sell inch rings. Ebay has tons of them.


Surefire does make rings, but other companies make better stuff, for less money.


Check out Rainier Arms selection ...




Hope this helped.

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Thanks for the advice.!!


Nice pic, what kind of rifle is on that pic? Just curious.


One more question: Whit the M3 Turbo comes a 2.5 inch turbo reflector. But does it come whit the ordinary reflector that is mounted onto the M3 combatlight as well? Cause when I mount it on my shotgun I want to have a wider beam and when mounted onto my rifle I want a tighter beam and increased distance. Or can you by the M3 Turbo reflector as an optional part to the standard M3 combatlight?


And one last question regarding scope mount. I am thinking of mounting an picatinny rail on my SBE2 http://www.benelli.it/Articoli/Armi.asp?ID=25 check under Accessories.


But what mount should I get to my Aimpoint sight? is it possible to add a Throw lever mount? like this http://www.surefire.com/maxexp/main.pl?pgm=co_disp&func=displ&strfnbr=6&prrfnbr=818&sesent=0,0&search_id=108130


Thanks again Duggan for you help.



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That's a video of the surefire m3 I made for you. 225 lumen head, near fresh batteries ...


My camera sucks at night ... it is not nearly sensitive enough to pick up long range light details like my eyes can.


When I shine the light into the distance, it's at a pond 100 yards away. With my eyes, that makes it dimly lit ... it goes from pure black to a gray, overcast looking state, but bright enough where I can see what is going on pretty well.


With the camera, you can't see much of anything ... but you still may find it useful.


Overall, it is a good light out to about 100 yards, the turbo head a bit more ... anything beyond that and you need more lumens/a brighter hotspot.


Moving on,


You can buy either m3 reflector seperately. They only come with one. So buy whichever one you want more, and then buy the other head if you see fit.


And as far as throw lever mounts go, larue tactical makes hands down the best throw lever aimpoint mounts in the industry.


They absolutely BLOW the ARMS mounts out of the water.






They cost a bit to get, but they are worth every penny, and then some.


They have perfect return to zero time after time, they are built like tanks, they have adjustable locking levers ... they are top notch parts.


It's what your benelli deserves. smile.gif


I can give you more pics/dealers if you need them.


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Thanks a lot for all the effort!! :D


Sorry I didn't answer earlier but I have been away moose hunting for over a week now :D

And I allso shot some wild berds whit my benelli.


I E-mailed Surefire just before I went on moose hunting. This is the answer I got:



The model M3 will not stand up to the recoil of any shotgun, it will become damaged when the weapon is fired too much recoil. Try on of the millinium weapons lights. If you have any further questions please call us at 800-828-8809. SureFire strives to provide World class customer service to all of our customers.

SureFire technical support




But I cant see the difference betwin Millenium weapon lights and M3 combat lights :S Except it has an integreated Picatinny rail mount. But I would prefer to have a magextension mount instead of sidearmor.


Millenium: http://www.surefire.com/maxexp/main/co_disp/displ/carfnbr/267/sesent/00


Moving to the next question.

Thanks for the larue suggestion. It shore looks intresting. Shecking it out now ;) ...


This is the picatinny rail I have ordered:

http://www.benelli.it/Articoli/Armi.asp?ID=25 Check under assesoris.


Can you suggest any dealers of Surefire flashlight and Larue mount in the Pittsburg area? Since a friend of mine is comming to Sweden in a couple of weeks. And I am going to E-mail a long shopping list whit gun components. tongue.gif

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There are only a handful of larue dealers.


Your best bet for a flashlight mount is to order direct, I highly doubt any of the dealers will have them in stock.


As far as the m3 not being able to stand up to the recoil of a shotgun, I beleive that is a load of goat. Plenty of people have done it with perfectly fine results ... I know the m3 head is a shockresistant head (I have one right next to me), and I was under the impression the weaponlight only had a different body and tail switch.


Your best bet: Email one of the best flashlight dealers on the net -


[email protected]


He will know. His name is Calvin.


Oh, and surely you do not plan on mounting a flashlight on top of the receiver? That is the only rail I see on the benelli page ...

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Thanks I e-mail him right away.


I have done quite some research about these flashlights. And the only difference I can see betwin M96 and M3 combat is that the M96 has an integrated picatinny rail mount. And less assesories.


I wonder why He would say that the M3 cant handle the recoil. When it says on their homepage that the M3 is built to whitstand heavy and repeated recoil?


Thanks again. Lets see what the Calvin answers me.

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My Email:

Hi Calvin,


I have some questions regarding M3 combatlight. I am thinking on buying a M3 CombatLight for hunting. I want to be able to mount it on both my rifle and shotgun. I have a semiauto shotgun by the brand Benelli. I would like to be able to mount the surefire light on my magextension under the barrel. What kind of mounts should I get to be able to do that? Would be great if I could mount and demount it quickly.


I was thinking about mounting an Surefire MODEL M12 on the magextension witch I can attach the M3 flashlight onto. But what kind of attachment do I need on the M3 flashlight to be able to do that?


What’s the main difference between the M3 Combatlight and the M96?


I have ask all these questions to Surefire support. And this is the answer I





The model M3 will not stand up to the recoil of any shotgun, it will become damaged when the weapon is fired too much recoil. Try on of the millinium weapons lights. If you have any further questions please call us at 800-828-8809. SureFire strives to provide World class customer service to all of our customers.

SureFire technical support





Quote end.


I have also asked these questions in the Benelli Forum http://www.benelliusa.com/forums/ultimatebb.php/topic/1/3446.html were Duggan has been very helpful he is the one who recommended you.


And it seems like the Answer I got from Surefire is a pile of bull****. What is your opinion and what would you recommend for this task?


Would be very grateful for answer.


Do you have a homepage whit your products?


/Dandy Holmberg (Sweden)

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Does this XM tailcap fit the M3 combat light? http://www.surefire.com/maxexp/main.pl?pgm=co_disp&func=displ&strfnbr=6&prrfnbr=24372&sesent=0,0&search_id=115531

Another quote from the surefire homepage

Features integral shock isolation system to withstand repeated recoil or impact.


Still waiting for answer from the flashlight dealer...

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If we put it like this ínstead,


I need a weapon light for hunting, mostly for stalking traffic wounded games in pitch dark.


Following demands do I have.

1. Surefire

2. Atleast hundred yards of light

3. Possible to add turbo head reflector or something alike.

4. Remote switch. possible to mount on the forend

5. Reliable.

6. A mounting solution witch fits both shotgun and rifle.


What light fulfil all these demands?



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M3 or M4.


I'd probably go m4. I bought the m3 because I do not need 100 yard lighting. NY is really not that open ... this isn't kansas.




^^Great discussion on the m3/m4.


Then I would carry a large handheld with some serious lumens ...








Or maybe even this smile.gif



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Great links, but some of them are a little bit overkill :D


Ok, the final decision. I have to order before the weekend.


M3 or M96!


Im leening toward M3 since there are more accessorys for that light.


Ill post some pics of my shotgun when I have recived all the parts. It will be in the middle of december.


Thanks everyone for your help, especilly Duggan, I am very greatfull for your help.



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