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Benelli M4 -- FFT Handguard Review


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Truth be told, I had expected the Freedom Fighter Tactical handguards to have a poor fit from past user experience. I recall several threads regarding sloppy fit, squeaking plastic and deformed plastic.


What I received was pleasantly surprising. The handguards actually fit better than my OEM ones. This is obvious when looking at the front of the handguards where they engage in the barrel retaining band.


The surface finish of the FFT handguards are slightly different than the OEM. They have more of a matte finish. The texture of the FFT units are more uniform, but this could be a result of a lot of handling/wear and tear on my OEM set.


Upon first looking at the FFT handguards, I expected them to have a poor fit. By looking at the handguards, they had a slight curvature to the handguard that was not present on the OEM ones. Basically, if you tried to hold the flat edge of the handguard against something flat, one end would bow up off the surface. When I got around to actually installing them on my M4, I found that it didn't have any effect on the fit. I tried my kung fu grip on the handguards to get them to squeak. I twisted and pulled the handguards various ways to make them cry uncle. Nothing worked.


I'm not sure if FFT made changes to their molds to address some of the past issues. Or perhaps it is just luck of the draw.


Overall, I'm very pleased with them. They will make a good host for my weapon light mods.


It's always nice to pick up another 922® part, my setup boasts six USA made parts currently.





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