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M2 Tactical Low Recoil Loads


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Looking for opinions from people who have shot low recoil Winchester Ranger 00 buck and slugs with their M2 Tactical. My gun is broken in. Shoots anything I've put in it so far.


Found a deal on ammo but don't want to buy in bulk if enough people tell me they have had cycling problems. Thanks for help. Don't want to debate why to use low recoil just if it shoots ok.


Appreciate the feedback.

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Don't have a M2 so I can't give you any feedback. However I would think that if your M2 reliably cycles low brass bird shot then the low recoil buckshot won't be a problem. (check the numbers, the velocity isn't reduced substantially)


Where'd you find the low recoil Winchester buckshot in bulk? All the sources I kept track of are out of Winchester low recoil.

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I haven't entirely broken mine in. It did not like Fiocchi Low Recoil 00 2 3/4" shells.


And I was able to cycle Fiocchi Low Recoil 00 2 3/4" shells in my M4 during the first 25 rounds, so were two of my friends.

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In my experience, it's difficult to predict what a particular shotgun will do based on the experience of others. If you do a search on this forum you'll find varying experiences using a particular type of ammo in a particular type of shotgun. Just like differences in patterning between individual guns of the same make/model, operational reliability with particular ammunition is an individual trait as well. The best advise; buy a couple of boxes of the ammo and see how it works (or doesn't) in your gun. If it's GTG, then buy a bunch of it.

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