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How to use Froglube


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Hi everyone,


I bought some Froglube CLP paste and liquid and I am not entirely sure how to use it. I've used oil before, but I'm not sure how to use the paste and liquid. It came with a soft cloth and paint brush. I assume I should apply the paste to the choketube, put the liquid on a patch and run it through the barrel with a jag, rub the paste on the bolt, and lastly, put some of the liquid on the trigger assembly with the paint brush? I know I am supposed to heat the parts, apply the CLP, and then wipe off any excess CLP after 30-60 mins. Also, I don't have to wear gloves when I use it right?

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Check out this video from youtube. It does an excellent job at explaining how to use it.



I've been using Froglube for a while now. It is a little more time consuming to use, at least the first time, but it makes it up by making subsequent cleanings a lot easier because it helps stop the buildup of a lot of crud that usually accumulates from shooting. I prefer the paste over the liquid for most applications. Then I use the liquid as sort of a liquid lubricant on specific high wear or high contact places on your firearm. The most time consuming part of applying Froglube is the heating of the firearm prior to cleaning. Once warmed, I use an old toothbrush to brush on the paste. It will liquify when it hits a warm surface. I then let it set for 20 to 60 minutes before wiping off the excess with the microfiber cloth. And no, you do not need to wear gloves. In fact one of the advertising claims is that Froglube is food grade and could be eaten, although I'm not interested in eating it. After application it will leave a sort of waxy like coating on your firearm that will liquify when you shoot it and the gun heats up. When it liquifies it works it's way into all the little nooks and crannies of your firearms and protects it from wear.

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Should have said that this for my Benelli M4 haha. I've found videos on how to clean a shotgun, but they used oil instead of CLP. I know how to take apart the Benelli and everything, I'm just not entirely sure how to use it because the paste is thick (like car wax) and the liquid appears to be thicker than oil.


You might have taken a wrong turn somewhere on the internet..this is a Benelli forum... :p


Try this

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I've used the Frog Lube as a base lubricant for a few months now. I mainly use the wax type. I heat the bucket with my heatgun for a few seconds to liquify the lubricant. I then paint the parts with the brush. The parts are allowed to dry/cool down. I then heat the parts again with the heat gun to liquify the lubricant and allow it to soak down into the areas I normally cannot reach. I then wipe away the excess.


I still use additional lubricants along with the Frog Lube. I tend to still use grease in certain areas like sear contact points and metal on metal moving contact points.


I find the Frog Lube to be excellent for coating springs and acting as a basic protection layer from rust. This is good enough for out here in Arizona with very low humidity levels.

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Huh. Still, one moldy gun isn't enough to turn me away from the stuff. If there are more incidents, I would consider it.
Page 11 has the second report of mold. Personally, I have a ton of Frog Lube that I have yet to use, so I am especially disappointed.
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