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What do you think my M4 field stock is worth?


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I have a m4 field stock and mesa stock. After shooting the gun with both I prefer the mesa stock.


The field stock was standard field stock that I cut down, made two oak pieces, and marine tex ed them in place. Then I fit a limbsaver recoil pad to the oak pieces. The limbsaver is a rough fit as I didn't have a belt sander to finish it with. There is around 200 rounds through it. LOP is around 12.5 inches.









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But it was modified, doesn't that take away some value?

I would say it certainly does take away value... unless you find that one guy/gal who wants exactly what you have done. With a larger market, perhaps you would find that person... with the M4 market, I'm not so sure.


I want a field stock but would not pay MSRP for a modified version let alone an inflated "rarity" price.

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