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Tritiun ghost ring inserts


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I'm looking at these on the Benelli web site. It says can be easily installed into military spec ghost ring sights.

Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to install?

What's the difference between these and the Mepro sights?

Thanks for any help.

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I was able to get the Mepro sights from Amazon for $65.00 shipped. Open package New condition, 30 day returns if I don't like them, sure I will, have them on a few other pistols, and full warranty from Mepro. I think between these and the Surefire forend for &169.00 with free shipping I'm doing good.

Thanks for the input again.

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Man, they shipped and got here today. Two days.. coodos to Amazon.. Brand new condition even though it said open package.

The sights are smaller than the oem ones, but shouldn't be a big deal. Install was easy and quick.

Now I just need to shoot something in the dark to make sure they work. They are bright in an almost dark room.

Thanks again to you guys for the info.

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I would like to do just the front, can you buy just the front?


From what I have seen, No. But I have read there's a company that will insert the tritium in the front sight for you.

But it's costly, I think you'll get off cheaper buying the set and install just the front.

For me, having both front and back is fine. I Ijust wish there were contrasting sights out there.

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