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Will the M2 Forearm Fit on my M1??


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Hey all,


I have an M1 S 90 that I have had for many years since it was new. It came with a 24 inch barrel and I wanted a 21 inch. I looked for years for someone to trade and I finally found someone. I traded him my 24 inch M1 Barrel for his 21 inch M2 Barrel.


Everything was great except the barrel lug on the M2 barrel is slightly different than it is on the M1 so, my forend wouldn't fit using the nw M2 barrel. To make it work I had to follow some pics and advice posted on here from someone that had done this swap before and I used my DREMEL tool to remove material from the inside of the forearm until it was snug. Everything is great now except it looks terrible if you take it down to clean it.

So I thought I'd look into just getting a new M2 Forearm for my shotgun and seeing if that would work on my frame with the new M2 barrel I have. On the surface it seems as though it should fit without problems. BUT, before I spend the money that Benelli charges for these parts I want to KNOW FOR SURE if it'll fit just like a new one does.


Can anyone tell me if it will for sure?


If anyone knows of a deal on a M2 BLACK Forearm, please pass it on. If you have one to sell, maybe we can work something out.


Let me know what you think about the fit.





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It depends on which version magazine tube you have. There are different versions. Check out the 4th post here. http://forum.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/29184-Difference-between-early-and-later-m1-forends-Will-later-models-fir-HK-m1S90 I have a M2 barrel/forend on a newer M1 receiver (bottom in the pic) and it fits just fine. Will not fit without some sort of spacer on the top two receivers.

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