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What Mag Tube for the M1 would You Suggest??


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Hey all,


I have an M1S90 with a 21 inch that I am looking to make into a good HD shotgun. I figure I'll need a +3 or +4 tube and I'll be good. The thing is there are so many makers out there that I don't know what to pick. I don't have to have the FINEST tube ever made and spend a ton of money on it, I just want something that works and won't give me any trouble.


What maker would you suggest? Which one are you using on your Benelli that you have been pleased with?


If you have made other mods to your Semi-Auto, what would you suggest I do or think about doing?


Thanks for the help.



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Factory or Nordic. I've got both. Each works. Nordic has larger diameter than the factory. I like the factory front sling attachment that's integrated into the barrel nut. For Nordic, you need to use their barrel clamp with the appropriate attachment. The guns I have the Nordic on aren't used with slings so it's not an issue here. The factory extensions are getting scarce and expensive. Nordic ain't cheap but they're mostly available. I've tried a couple of others but wasn't happy with the quality. One had a barrel nut that wasn't threaded deep enough to tighten the barrel down. Buy cheap, get cheap. There are other quality brands. Briley comes to mind but I don't have any experience with them.

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