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Need Help! Vinci from gunbroker.


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Assembling the new Vinci the first time was tough! I eventually had to get out a vice to help mount the barrel. After 3-4 assemblies it loosened up enough to do just holding the stock between my knees. I've assembled somewhere around 12-15 times now and it keeps getting a little easier.


I sat on the couch and cycled the bolt over 100 times to emulate a likely level of in store handling and removed/reinstalled it from the barrel a few dozen times. Below is a picture of the bolt after all that handling/cycling:




Here's the choke with the factory oil/grease on it




Even with all the torqueing I had to do to get the gun together the first time and the number of times I've assembled, there's no noticeable wear marks on the barrel.


The other thing that really stood out is how light weight the factory oil is. The first gun was greased and not new grease like it had just been done. I'm not finding anything close to it from the factory, a lot of oil out of the box but very light weight oil.


I'm heading to the range with a friend today to do a break in with standard loads then bust some skeet. I'll post the "after" pictures of the bolt.

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Just got back from the range where we put 200rds of Herter's (aka Wolf) Field load through the new Vinci. So now I know what a new Vinci looks like and a slightly used Vinci looks like . . . I have no idea what the first gun must have gone through.


Here's the bolt uncleaned after 200rds - slight wear pattern starting to emerge on the sharp edges. NO wear pattern on the body as the first gun had.





The barrel mark did appear but only after shooting, it had not appeared after the original assembling/disassembling.




Here's the choke uncleaned after firing 200rds - look familiar?




Difference is, this choke whipped clean when the original wouldn't



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Most revealing to me though is the receiver shows no wear at all from the bolt handle




Now that I have experience with a new Benelli and re-examined after 200 rounds, I feel confident in stating the first gun was not only used but very heavily used. Until I observe the continuing wear patterns I can't guess at how many rounds had gone through the original gun but I'm expecting its a very large number. Some of y'all with more experience can probably make a reasonable guess.


As far as shooting the new Vinci - we didn't do very well overall :-) but we weren't that serious about hitting them most of the day. At one station by buddy did hit both clays with one shot 3/4 tries so it wasn't the gun's fault we were missing a lot. The front sight kept coming loose. I have some medium Loctite 242 - would that be too much for the front sight?


The lighter kick isn't as noticeable as I was hoping for BUT at the end of the day, I'm feeling a lot less worked over than after a day with an 1100. I think this is a combination of the comfortech and the lighter weight of the gun (less energy spent). Not being 100 degrees outside probably helped a lot too.

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Closing the loop - they shorted the refund by 35.74. Basically the original shipping -$.01. About a month ago (11/13) they said they would send a check for $35.74 but haven't responded since. I guess I should stop holding my breath now. We'll see if the original check clears or not.


Between weather and work, I haven't been back to the range but I'm planning to keep documenting the wear pattern on the Vinci. Seems like a small but interesting project.

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