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QD Pushbutton Adapter


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It's welded they say...

I'd really like to see something like GG&G makes... If they can make something like this:


Why can't they do something with a half inch hole?


I do have an idea for an ampi point on the stock but I'd have to draw it to make my point. I'll see what I can come up with when I get to my desk in the morning.

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Here's the Noveske on mine, on the right side of the stock. Very secure. The other end of the sling plugs into a Noveske QD socket made to attach to the Nordic barrel clamp (Nordic makes one too). My slings (VCAS) all have sewn-in QD swivels.



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......what I understand you cannot remove the rear sling mount from the M4 field stock. Please correct me if I'm wrong... :) What I've read from many web searches, for some reason, that plate is welded in the M4... ...


The plate is not welded; the plate has a center bolt (8M x 1.0) that is threaded on both ends that holds all the parts together ! Look down the receiver end of the field stock with a LED light and you will see the other end.


If they had the Benelli M4 Anatomy Series Manual they would know that it's not welded.


The schematic shows all the parts.


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Exactly, SD.... Nobody seems to have an answer for this no matter where I look.

Bene... I'm very familiar with that diagram... Can it come out and why can't we use the Noveske sling plate? Noveske also says no and says removing the plate requires a gunsmith...


[h=1]Benelli QD Sling Plate[/h] [h=2]$29.95[/h]

QD sling mount plate for the Benelli M1 Super90

-Steel QD Mount

-4 Position, rotation limited

-Parkerized Finish

-Uses standard QD Swivel (Not included)


Weight: 1oz.


Replaces the swivel plate in the M1S90 stock. The stock must be removed for installation.


The Benelli M4 uses the same plate but it is not designed to be removed from the stock. It is very difficult to remove and should only be done so by a qualified armor/gunsmith.X






Any way to get the sling plate out without destroying the stock?

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Can you get a replacement 280J and drill out the other? Not fun I suppose.


I'd love to see a solution available for all M4s for a rear QD, something universal. I am not sure how well it would turn out or be received. The only way I could think to do this was a replacement top rail or sight base which goes down the side of the receiver, much like a mesa/sidearmor side saddle, but places a QD in an agreeable position instead.


I don't know how it would turn out aesthetically or how popular that would be.

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I would guess the GG&G current setup is stamped. You could make one stamped then folded with 1/2in holes, but I think the clean way to go there is machine the QDs into it. More expensive though.


Sorry I missed, but I think there were some concerns about the strength of the plastic for flush mounting a QD? Or is it not possible?


I mounted a flush QD in three firearms so far, no problem. PS90, Steyr Aug and an not to be named bullpup. No issues. I am a big fan of the flush clean look they afford.


One could layer epoxy, fiberglass, carbon fiber before putting the QD in place to add strength. Or even a custom washer metal material epoxied in place. Not knowing how strong the plastics are on the M4 stock I can't say if it is needed.

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What I meant was something manufactured, (drop in), that the end user didn't have to custom install...


I've been thinking it over and I like the look of the Noveske over the IWC... Even tough they are more expensive, prob go that route next week sometime. Slap one on both sides. Don't really need the set points. Will slobber some JB Weld once in....

Unless I wake up 3AM with another one of my rocket science ideas, there's no sense over thinking this. Just surprised nobody invented something yet.

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LMAO! Hey, don't shoot the messenger. There was never an explanation like this anywhere on the net. Believe me, I looked. It definitely is one helluva ensemble... my head still hurts.

Why so elaborate? Couldn't it be simpler I wonder? ;)


Doesn't seem hard to do after looking at everything. Only thing would be getting that long extension and extra nut.


I'm guessing because it says, "may desire", that the nut can stay on without interference in anything else?


Again, many thanks Benne... This topic should be stickied... ;)


Can we at least agree it's not welded in place ??


For a professional result, you have to have patience, the correct tools and great instructions!

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This is a prime example of BW coming through when everyone else is stumped.


Not just a general idea of how to overcome the issue, actual pictures, detailed descriptions of the mechanical problems being solved including special tools, etc.


Asset to the community.


Bhunted - you considering that Noveske QD Sling Plate now that this thing can be disassembled? It's not ambi, but other than that, that seems like a great option if you like the sling placement it provides.

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Possibly.... But everything is going to have to wait till after the holidays. The Noveske points sound easier in a long run, but keeping it close to original w/o drilling is nice too. I'm already in trouble from wife for buying too many toys this year and her orders are in. After her clamoring this morning, I had to remind her where recent funds went, like for HER new pistol, etc.... You know how that goes... lol..


PS: We need to get this man (BW) a few beers! :)

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