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WTB: M1S90 factory front sling mount


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There are a couple of different versions. Are you talking about a field gun with a sling swivel stud on the front? Or the "tactical" versions, which have a swivel ring designed for the HK-style hook, attached to the forend cap and held on by a snap-ring. There are two versions of the forend cap. One is for the original full-length, one-piece extended magazine tube that is only threaded for the portion of the magazine tube in front of the barrel ring. The other is for the standard-length magazine tube and is threaded on both ends; towards the rear for securing the barrel and toward the front for adding the extensions. Numrich lists all those parts as in-stock.

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For this



That's a Nordic magazine extension and barrel clamp. If you don't need that short rail section, suggest you replace it with this :



The factory part will not fit that and I doubt the GGG will either.

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Do not forget that you have ball detent to keep the magazine nut from anti-rotating. Some really ancestral HK Imports did not have the ball detent nor chrome chamber.


Here is two of the three "factory*" forend caps. The one on the left is found on the M2, Most of the Benelli USA Corp. M1, and current production magazine accessory. The one on the right was on my H&K Imported M1. The latter production is more slim.


The M3 front sling ring will not fit other Benellis.

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