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Supersport Not going into battery


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My beloved Supersport kept failing to go into battery today at the skeet range. Gun has been flawless for years, never so much as a single hiccup. I'm guessing between 2,000 and 4,000 rounds. Gun is clean, and both springs seem to be the same strength as the M2 and the Montefeltro. The only thing I haven't done is to disassemble the recoil spring, but I every other cleaning I run a patch down the recoil tube.So should I go ahead and replace the recoil spring and the interia spring

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I don't have an answer to your specific problems but would like your thoughts on how the 3 guns, Supersport, M2, and Montefeltro compare. I have a Montefeltro, have shot various Supersports at the clays range, and am thinking about purchasing an M2. It would be nice to see how you think they compare.

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The Monte is a 20 ga, and my wife and oldest son (14) use it now. It's a super auto. If I had to carry one of the guns over a long walk it would be my choice.


The M2 is a tank. It's my youngest's duck gun and he shot competitively with it last year.


The Super is the easiest to clean and my favorite to shoot shotgun sports with. The long length is offset by light weight so it moves pretty smoothly. Might want to add an endcap weight to steady the swing, but that's comparing to an O/U and not another auto.


Best thing about all of them is ease to fit to an individual. Shims and pads make them great guns for all.


Could be ammo, but is out of same lot we've been using for months. Have seen issues before;out of round or bulging ends. Will order new spring; if I have to remove end I might as well change it.

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