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Who makes the best Sling for a M4 11707??


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All you heavily experienced M4 with adjustable/Colaspable stock) owners out there,..Purty pleeze...whats the best sling out there for it??

Whats the little round hole on the lower part of the Adjustable stock for??...

Thanks for any info

Stay Safer!



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I beleive it is that one, but if not, it is just like that.


The sling goes though the stock attack points ... aka front sling attachment point turned to the left (a major PIA to do without tools, btw) and the rear collapsible loop. It has a quick release clasp, and another release point that releases the front attachment, while still keeping it on the connecting webbing. This lets you use it in single point mode, for even greater range of movement.

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Here you go. Some pictures of single point mode, double mode, etc. The pictures came out a little dark as I didn't use a flash, thus the color dodging.


Of special note are a few of the +2 extensions I got from Cal's a few days ago, and my black thumb. That's from being handed my benell with the bolt "locked open" from an amateur friend ... turns out it was only stuck half open, so when I went to load that first shell, it came loose, and what you see is the result. Hurt like something else.










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Hey thanks ,Duggan!...I like that...plus..I think I got a few of those around here somewhere..If I can figure out how to re-string/sling em back to where they'll work on my M4...

BTW..What is that round hole on the lower rear of our Colasp.11707 stocks meant for ??...M1014 won't tell me...cuz he's a meany!!....LOL!!

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Hi All,


I have to agree with jakjakman, Specter products are really great pieces, and they have the best customer service around. The only reason I went with a Blue Line for my AR was the H&K hook, which I really like.


I have recently gone to the MOUT SPS for the Benelli M1 Entry, and the Blue Line SPS for the AR, as the two/three point units tend to get caught up in other gear and on household items when house clearing.


A few years ago, when I was involved in the marijuana eradications our department does, I would have loved to have had the MOUT style slings. Our local mountain underbrush is a giant tangled web, and branches catch on everything.


I am totally sold on the single point slings now days...


Take care,




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jjgi5150--good input, thanks! Btw, when you put the MOUT on your Benelli Entry, did you get the 'G. G. & G. Shotgun Receiver Sling Mount' for the sling attachment? I'd love to see a pic of your Entry with the sling on.


Also, how well do single point slings work on long, heavy weapons like full sized Benellis? For overall suport would the three point slings work better?

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Hi jakjak,


On the department 14" Entry gun, I used the strap connector for the Specter MOUT sling. It is far easier to remove and does not create any source of 'stress' to the department for 'modifying' their gun. I'm pleased with the way it has worked out.


On my own personal M1, I would rather use a H&K hook/ring style mount. I'm going to hit up Specter and see if they may take a look at that... It would be good seller, since their sling material is far superior to the Blue Line on my AR.


I wish that GG&G (or someone) would make an H&K style ring receiver mount for the M1...the only ones I have found out there now are the 1 1/4" hoop styles. That way I could use one sling for either weapon (I could do so with the Specter system, and did have it on the AR that way, but I just like the H&K hook much better).


Anyway, here's a shot of the set ups for the shotgun and AR.




As to your question about a heavier weapon and the single point set-up, I haven't seen that to be an issue. Since most of our dynamic entries are over in just a few minutes at most, and we then dress down to street clothes to do our investigations, it is just not an issue.


Take Care,




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Hey M10..did you make that clip QD???I like it!!/. does somebody else make it for sale that hook-up with a H&K hook on the back..Or..I dunkow..I like the quick Ds One point..

Is it a deep dark secret??..Or I gott'a get some girlfriends & ex's ta give specual favors to ya???




Originally posted by M1014:

heres M1014s brainchild sling,,cost under $30,labor some,,thought process-minimal :D plain and simple tongue.gif 335629.jpg 335639.jpg 335635.jpg 335633.jpg

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Hi pdw,


Interesting info, and good luck with your quest. I have tried about 5-6 different systems for tactical entries. Since I am still in an active duty mode, and actually use these weapons for their designed purposes, I have seen a variety of systems in use, and have a good understanding of what will work and what will not. The system I currently am using, as shown in the photo above, is the one that worked out the very best for MY applications.


Our dynamic entries are very quick, and there is very little time to re-hook, re-secure, or re-sling a weapon. If a weapon failure occurs, a transition to another weapon needs to happen instantly. If a door needs to be kicked in, or a shot or detained suspect needs to be cuffed, the weapon needs to be able to be IMMEDIATELY dropped to the side. These type of events happened to my team just two days ago during a SW service. In that scenario, my MOUT system on the M1 worked extremely well. A couple of team members use standard H&K slings on their MP-5's, and one uses a single point H&K style hook on his MP-5. And, as I have always preached, you MUST train with the system you are using. Not trying to sound like I know best, since everyone's individual situation might be different. Just FYI....


I seriously hope your effort to improve will pay off. All the current sling systems got to be here because someone had a good idea, and followed it up to production. Good luck again, and keep us posted please...




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