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Benelli Vinci porting?


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I have a standard grade Vinci with 26'' barrel and would like to have it ported to reduce recoil, when I shoot 3'' Black Clouds and comparable loads. I benched my Urika, just love the feel of the Vinci and how reliable the action is. If anyone has experience porting there vinci please let me know if you have feedback one way or the other! thank you in advance.

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Don't waste your money.


Porting shotguns does not reduce recoil enough to make it worthwhile. By calculation, the maximum amount (for a shotgun) would be about a 2 to 3 percent reduction in recoil. Hardly noticeable.


It does, however, reduce muzzle rise if, and only if, the ports are placed on the top of the barrel.

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Try a ported choke tube. Cost is maybe $50 to $60 bucks. You can screw it in, shoot it, change back to a standard tube, and compare.


My experience with a Super Vinci with an extended, ported tube is that there is a little less muzzle rise. As for noise, while shooting sporting clays, I don't notice any additional blast or report. In a blind maybe a little different, but it is NOT like .338 Lapua going off on the bench rest next to you. Capt_C

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Ported choke tubes, where the ports are all around the circumference of the tube extension, cannot reduce muzzle rise.


It's physics.


Since the ports are all around, the resultant net force is zero.


The only way ports can reduce muzzle rise is if all the ports are on the top of the barrel, causing a downward force on the barrel at the muzzle end.


Ported choke tubes are a gimmick. Some of the ported choke tube brands throw nice patterns, and you should buy them for that reason.


But the ports don't really do what they claim to do.


I'm not saying ports don't work at all. That's not true, because muzzle brakes really do work on rifles. The problem with shotguns is that the percentage of recoil attributable to the gases (as a result of the gunpowder burning) is such a small amount of the overall recoil, that bleeding off a percentage of that small amount is almost unnoticeable.


Rifles are different story, because there's so much more powder, as a ratio of powder weight to projectile weight.

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