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Super Black Eagle 2 Accuracy Problems


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It seems after looking online that I am not the only one having these issues. I can not hit a thing with my SBE2. I have it shimmed differently from how it came stock and fit the gun by using the straw test. The straw lines up perfectly with my eye sight. However I take it out to shoot clay pigeons and I can not even clip them. Then I switch to my 870, and dust every single one. This is all with using a modified choke on both shotguns. Can anyone help me out? This was a ton of money spent on something I do not even want to take out. Ive shot about 300-400 shells out of it but can not land a hit.

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To me, shotgunnery is more wizardry than science. Many factors come into play. I’ve shot identical shotguns back-to-back, using identical chokes shooting the same ammunition. Mostly 870’s doing function checks prior to issuing them out. Some patterned incredibly well. Others wouldn’t hit the broad side of a barn at point blank range. Others were somewhere in between those extremes.


You don’t mention whether you’ve done this but the first thing I always do is bench the gun and shoot it for point-of-aim/point-of-impact. It doesn’t matter whether the sight/rib are aligned with your dominant eye if the barrel is out of whack (sorry, I don’t mean to use such technical jargon). It can be imperceptibly bent or bored non-concentrically. The rib could have been installed just a bit off-center. A static firing test would point you to something like that.


Unless your 870 is set up identically to your SBE, i.e., length of pull, cast, drop and pitch, comparing them is questionable at best, meaningless at worst. Even the weight of the gun can make a difference. I started shooting skeet with an 870. I then went to a Benelli M2 and occasionally a SBE. That transition wasn’t much of a problem but when I went back to my 870, I couldn’t hit diddly (more technical terms – sorry). The gun just didn’t feel right and it took me a while to start hitting consistently again. Point here is: different guns mount differently, feel different, and shoot different.


If you’re shooting skeet, after you’ve confirmed point of aim/point of impact, shoot a whole round or more from one station. I’d go to station 4. Shoot until you can consistently hit the birds going both ways. Then go to another station and do the same thing.


Does anyone else in your group have a SBE? Shoot his and see if you have any different results from shooting yours.


That’s all I got.

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Truckcop has it right. Shoot the gun from a bench and see where it is hitting. If it is off a mile, send her back. My SBE ll was shooting 12" high, out of the box. Sent it back, and Benelli fixed it within a month.

Until you know where the POI is, you won't know why your missing your targets.



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One thing is certain..If you can't hit anything with it, it doesn't pay to keep the gun. Find the problem, get it fixed so that you can enjoy shooting this fine shotgun, or peddle it and find one that will shoot where you point it..

I have zero tolerance for a gun (any format) that doesn't shoot where it is pointed. And.. the more expensive that gun is, the more it burns my Butt!!

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If you are using the figure eight method or stacking the rear sight under the front bead...its gonna shoot high. The shims make a big improvement for fit.


If its that far off cant hit a clay the bench test will easily reveal a serious flaw.

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