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New M4 owner, 922r compliance


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I have had my M4 for about 2 weeks, LOVE IT. I have a Benelli field stock that will be here any day now, just don't care for the pistol grip stock. I do want to do the full length mag, so my question is, since I have taken off the dastardly pistol grip stock and will be adding a US made full length mag, along with a US made follower,do I need to change one or two more things to be in compliance I have read numerous posts and they are as clear as mud.


Daryl (cwmoss)

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What he said^


You can add either a U.S. Handguard or a U.S. Trigger Part. Surefire M80 Railed Forend, or simply a Freedom Fighter Tactical Reproduction Handguard. Be mindful that the FFT handguard may have to be fitted for the barrel to fully seat. Geissele Hammer is recommended, also FFT has trigger parts available.



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The Geissele hammer is the only part in this list that hasn't given owners grief (aside from the magazine tubes/followers).


I've had issues with FFT's FCG (It disabled my M4), and plenty of people have complained about the FFT handguards, of varying levels of severity of fitment issues.

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