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An M4 Benelli will jam with Mesa Tactical Side Saddle? True ?


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I think that people who post info like that have done mods to their guns, and are having some kind of issue, and can't figure out what to blame it on.


I don't see how something attached to the non-moving part of the receiver could have any effect on the operating system. It makes no sense. If you install a red dot sight on the rail for instance, is that going to make the gun jam up?


That being said, there is a nicer system available here;https://tacticalshotgun.solutions/Benelli-M4-Short-Picatinny-Rail.html


I use it on mine with zero issues and member here ohbejuan uses one also as well as others here I think. The shell carrier attaches and removes from the gun with a push button mechanism from the companion Picatinny rail mount and slides forward to lock and reward to remove. Watch the video to see how it works.

It's the slickest of shell carrier systems IMO.


It's a beautifully machined piece and unlike the Mesa system, you don't have to remove the shells from the carrier because the shell retention system is a spring loaded ball bearing rather than a piece of compressible rubber as the Mesa system uses.


And if you want to remove it, you just press the button and slide the carrier and shells off.


I have a Mesa side saddle on my 590A1 and was ready to buy one for my M4 when I luckily saw this thread and bought this one instead.;http://forums.benelliusa.com/showthr...asgard+defense

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Believe it was due to using wrong screws which were too long and or not using washers, hitting bcg. Can't recall. Correct me if I'm wrong... Mine works fine.


I have this model...If that is not the model you refer, I recommend it. I apologize if not.


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