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Loose barrel extension M1 Super 90


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I have a 94 HK M1 Super 90, very well used and cared for. Broke it down after Thursday's rainy goose hunt and was putting it back together when I noticed the barrel extension that slips into the receiver had a pinch of play in it. Not front to back but side to side play. I would say maybe a 16th of an inch. I don't ever recall this before. Anyone else seen this happen before? I assume the extension is soldered into the barrel. Fixable?


Thanks in advance for the replies.



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I'm reasonably sure the barrel tube is screwed into the extension. I had a custom barrel made for one of my old M1's and if I recall correctly, the old tube I got back with the new barrel assembly was threaded. It has been a while though and I no longer have that old tube so I can't go downstairs and verify.

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Not a hard fix. Heat up the extension with a heat gun, not a flame, to get it the rest of the way off. Clean up the threads on the barrel and extension to very clean and dry, dry, dry. Use Loctite red 241. Apply to about 3 or 4 threads of the barrel and screw the extension back on and line up by eye. Put the barrel back on the gun, mag cap almost tight and do a final rib lineup with the receiver, tighten the mag cap fully checking multiple times the alignment of the rib. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes and you're ready to go.

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