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Unloading my M1....How Do You Clear Your FULL MAG TUBE??


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Hey all,


I am curious about unloading these full mag tubes.


I just finished installing the NORDIC tube I got for myself for XMAS for my M1 with 21 inch barrel.

I got the +4 which now I have a 7+1 capacity. It sure looks great too with that barrel clamp.


Anyway, I was loading it up to make sure everything was ok and there were no binds or issues that would cause a problem.

When I was ready to UNLOAD it, I thought I'd try what I have seen others do online instead of racking the handle back and forth 8 times and making such a racket.

I put my finger in and pushed in on the lever that holds the shells in the tube. They are just held in my a small piece that holds them right on the edge of the shell, so it shouldn't be that hard. When I see the people do this online, it looks simple as can be.

Well let me tell you, it is A LONG WAY from simple or easy. I swear I pushed and pushed on that edge to get the shell released and it was very hard to do. I was able to do it and get all 7 rounds out, but it took a while and now my fingers are aching something fierce from doing it.


I am wondering if it is this hard to do because it is a virtually new shotgun that hasn't had maybe 25 rounds through it and that was over 10 years ago. It's been sitting in my closet, in the case for that many years.


Will that ease up with shooting? I wouldn't mind using that method if it eases up considerably, but if it stays the way it is now, I'll just use the method I learned when I was a kid to unload a shotgun.


Any tips for making this easier?


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Rather than just putting your finger in the loading port and pushing on the end of the latch I find it works better to pinch the end of the latch between the thumb and forefinger. Make sure your forefinger is all the way on the front of the latch and the thumb is opposite the forefinger on the outside of the receiver. Give it a good pinch and the shell should pop right out of the magazine. Works for me anyway. I don't see where shooting it more would make this procedure easier.

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