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[Nova] -- Shells won't feed from Magazine Tube


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I purchased a Nova Field about a year ago. Recently, I've begun experiencing problems where shells won't feed from the magazine tube after firing a shell loaded directly into the chamber. The metal flange that holds the shells in the magazine (the carrier latch, I believe) doesn't release after firing, thereby preventing the shells from loading (pictured here: http://imgur.com/a/ywwZI).


The gun has been cleaned and oiled repeatedly, to no avail.


Any thoughts?

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Thanks, Vertigo. I think you may be on to something with the shell stop button. I can't force the fore end back any farther, but the action arms still won't engage the button on the carrier latch (which is properly depressed in your picture).


Is this a common problem on the Novas and, if so, have you heard of any fixes? I've come up with nothing searching on the internet

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I have seen some do this. One fix is to check the LH action bar. Remove the screw holding the bar and check it with a straight edge to see if it is bent. Whether it is straight or especially if it is bent slightly in wards is bad. Put the cam surface if the action bar on a V block and take a dull cold chisel or flat blade screw driver at that point and hit it with a hammer just enough to give it an outward bend. This will make the action bar move the LH shell latch over a little more and give enough motion for it to allow the shell to release.

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