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Who has a deal on an M4?


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I just saw someone grab a lightly used one on AR15.com for 1400 shipped. Had the standard stock and a full length magazine tube. Several months ago, a forum member was selling a loaded one dirt cheap and it sat here for weeks before someone stole it.


Deals are out there, but you might have to wait and be patient.


I'll set some Browser tabs open to automatically look at those 2 spots everyday, thanx!

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If you can buy used for a substantial savings, do it. Barely anyone actually shoots these shotguns. Most have well under 500 rounds thru them.


+1 I bought mine used and it looked new. A couple parts had been changed (shell follower & magazine extension) but I changed them out with better quality parts (and added some TTI parts) and it's my duty shotgun now.

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