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Light suggestions for .8" AVA mount


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I bought a AVA mount from a guy on AR 15.com, it's the 0.8" ring and I was looking for suggestions on what light would go good with that mount, do they only accept surefire lights? I was thinking about a streamlight. Thanks in advance

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My preferred setup is a Surefire Outdoorsman body and tailcap with a Surefire 500 lumen Scout light head. Remove the pocket clip, and swap the Scout head for the E2L's and you're good to go.





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I don't argue with him ^^^^


A cheaper way is :




This is the correct size body, they took off the dual output so it's 500 lumens momentary or switched on. Also has the protected tailcap helps avoiding accidentally hitting the switch.

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You may have to modify the Vikings Tactical tailcap or even the shrouded Surefire Scout tailcap if you want to use it with this mount. The mount holds the light so close to the weapon that it will likely hit the handguards.


I've seen it done, and it can come out really nice. Personally I don't like shrouded tailcaps on a 12 gauge. Touching off 12 gauge while riding the momentary button can be painful depending on the loads being fired.

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