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M4 Trigger Guard Pin Retaining Spring, which one and any tips for installation?


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EDIT: Super Easy Install Tip In Post #8






I recently purchased a used M4 and it didn't come with a trigger guard pin retaining spring. (I just shot it and Love It! first Benelli and I'm a huge fan now)



I looked online and there are 2 different ones available. I checked the BenelliUSA site but they didn't have it for sale.



Attached are pics of the springs, which one is the factory one? (I assume the first one) The first one sells for $12 each and the second one sells 5 for $8. I read that some people remove them but I couldn't find out why?



Also, any tips on the installation of it or the best procedure would be great.



Thanks for any info, I couldn't find any online for this spring







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Here is the part you need.


I would bet money they had a Tacstar shell carrier installed.


Installing it goes, receiver, this spring, the spacer, the retaining ring and then the trigger pin. Getting the retaining ring out is my least favorite part of disassembling the entire M4. I'd rather torch out the receiver extension than deal with that POS. Expect some swearing and unanswered prayers. You pretty much have to work a pick behind the ring as you're trying to compress the snap ring.




Good luck.

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Hey guys



I have a tip for a super easy installation of the trigger guard pin retaining spring with just using your fingers. The pics are not good but you should get the idea.





1. start with the tip of the spring seated to the bottom of the bore and the other end of it up in the snap ring groove (pic 1)



2. hook the groove on the tip of the pin under the spring catch (pic 2)



3. then simply just push the pin into the hole and it will seat the spring at the bottom of the bore (pic 3)





Once the pin tip is under the spring catch it will want to automatically go in the hole so you just push it in there.



Hope this helps!







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