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Trap league


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Clay pigeons don't discriminate. They'll break regardless of what gun the shot comes out of. ;) Unless you're really, really into trap competition, or you've just got more money than you know what to do with, shoot your SBE. I shoot mine for trap, skeet, sporting clays, pheasants, . . . . The trap (or skeet, or sporting clays, etc.) snobs may snicker/sneer at your "field gun" but you can shut them up fast if you hit your targets.

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Sure you can shoot trap with that SBE! Give it a try, it may be all you ever want or need. After you determine if you like the game you might decide to go all out and get a dedicated trap gun, By then you will have seen what everyone else is using and be able to make comparisons and best choices on the way to proceed.

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I shot sporting clays with my M4 for several years. My father-n-law has a dedicated Franchi that is better suited but I still had fun. Then late last year, since I enjoy it and we have been going a lot, I found a great deal on a 12g Cordoba and had to jump on it. I do pick up more birds with a proper tool but I still have fun either way.


On a side not, the first time I went out the gal at the range asked if I had a gun or needed to rent one. I showed her my M4 with pistol grip stock and side saddle. She responded "that's not going to work". I said sure it will, every time I pull the trigger it goes bang. LOL Some people are a little to serious.

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