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Need advice for aging father


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My father has always been an elite athlete and continued to play basketball with college age students until he turned 70. He was also a crack shot with a rifle - my memories are of him shooting crows on the fly with a .22.


So I was surprised when he asked me to show him how to shoot a semi-auto pistol he received as a gift and he really struggled with it. He didn't catch on quickly and shot very poorly (anticipation, no follow through). Afterwards he also admitted to starting to loose some dexterity in his fingers.


He's never owned a shotgun but I'm thinking it would be a better home defense solution for him than a pistol. I believe simplicity is the most important factor. I had intended to get him a basic pump but am now wondering if a semi-auto would be better?


Your opinions?

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Go back to the 22 rifle. Had the same exact issues with my dad before he passed. He had always had a Browning Hi Power but that became untenable in terms of manipulation and accuracy. He decided he wanted a Glock but I discouraged it due to his dexterity problems. Went with a Ruger 10-22, 25 round magazine loaded with mini mags, one chambered. All he had to do to get it running was disengage the safety. He was happy as a clam. Still went shooting with me occasionally up to the time he no longer remembered who I was. I removed it from the house but he didn't remember having it anyway. Based on my dad, if yours has dexterity issues, a shotgun, whether pump or semi, has issues of their own with an older gentleman. Recoil, noise, manipulation, all will be problematic. The 22 was our answer anyway. Your mileage may vary. If you're dead set on a shotgun, how about a side-by-side in 20 gauge? In that flavor, the Stoeger Coach Gun is a favorite of mine. Their Condor Outback O/U looks interesting as well although I have no personal experience there. Joe Biden even approves. :-)

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Second the recommendation that a shotgun is a very poor choice for your Dad's situation. A K or L frame S&W revolver in .38 or .357 loaded with .38 Special or a Ruger GP100 is a very mild and easy option for older folks. A full size steel revolver shooting 38's is a joy to shoot while still being very effective for most residential security situations

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