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Proper Maintenance


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Well I finally had the opportunity on yesterday to break in my Supernova, man is the 14.5" barrel ever loud with slugs, it was so awesome, loud and flames.


My question is what kind of cleaning equipment is recommended for chrome lined barrels? I assume its chrome lined. I had a heck of a time and couldn't get all the lead out of it using Hopps bore cleaner and not sure what type of brush is safe. G96? Copper brush?


What do you recommend? Thanks.

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I like Shooters Choice Bore and Choke cleaner but there are lots of products out there. My guess is that what you're seeing isn't all lead fouling but plastic fouling from the wad/shot cup as well. That plastic is sometimes more difficult to remove than the lead.


Interesting, if I were to describe it looks like you sprayed clear coat over chrome and the parts it didn't stick are nice and shiny while the rest has these dull areas. Thanks

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