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Need help with my new SBE


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I just bought a SBE after much research and saving hard earned money. This passed weekend I patterned it with some friends. I have to say I Loved It! The recoil was a little heavy but it surpassed my expectations as far as a recoil shotgun is concerned. I am a devout Browning A-5 fan. I do not like any of the current auto shotguns that are gas operated! I need help answering 4 questions:


1) Does the recoil reducer really reduce recoil on heavier loads? :rolleyes:


2) I am a first time Turkey hunter, Did I make a mistake buying the SBE with a 28" barrel. I like to hunt squirrels, occasionally ducks, and rabbits. Several of my friends have criticized me on the barrel length.


3) Has anyone had experience with the pistol grip style stock? I held one and it really felt natural. I think it would be great for Turkey or squirrel hunting, but maybe a shorter barrel would better.


4) Does Benelli offer a 24" barrel for the SBE?


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I'm only batting .500 with your questions, someone else with have to help you with the other two, I shoot a 28' barrel with an extra full choke and i don't have a problem with the turkeys, i like the longer barrels because the sound is also baffled a little more.

and yes you can get a 24' barrel if you like on the SBE, they sell 24,26 and 28 inch barrels.


Hope that helps you out a little.

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longer barrel verses shorter barrel, the question of the decade. just got my new monte today, with the 28 inch barrel. my theory is this,,


longer barrel takes longer to swing and get on point, but tracks easier when up to speed, and helps with the follow through (ducks and rabbits)


shorter barrell, swings fast and aquires target even faster, allowing to sometimes overlead moving targets. and being lighter/shorter tend to not follow through properly.


my 2c

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The recoil reducer does reduce the felt recoil in the SBE. I have one in mine, and it does seem to help.


As far as the barrel length. For turkey hunting a shorter barrel is advantageous because the shorter length makes the gun more maneuverable when walking through the woods. Also a tad bit lighter. When your gun is over your shoulder the end of the barrel can get caught on low branches. The shorter barrel just helps reduce that possibility. It also reduces the chance that you will bump the end of your barrel against a sapling or some other brushy tangle when you are sitting and maneuvering for the shot on the turkey. I use to hunt with a 28" barrel and I now use a 24" barrel. Also, most people, including myself tend to put aftermarket extended turkey chokes on their shotguns, which will add another 1-2" to the barrel length. With my choke, my barrel length is 26".


I have the SteadyGrip and I like it. To me, it offers the same advantages as a thumbhole stock on a rifle. I was sold on it with the prospect of being able to make awkward shots, because you can actually control the shotgun with one hand, when it is resting on your knee. That can come in handy when you have bird that comes to your calling from some other direction than what you expected.


Like others mentioned, Benelli does offer a 24" barrel for the SBE.



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My SBE's soul purpose in life is waterfowling. Regarding recoil, 3 1/2" shells are all I shoot and when I pulled the trigger on the first High Velocity steel load, I was thinking, "Whoa, what the $%&* was I thinking!" That's what started my quest for reducing felt recoil. I purchased a 'limbsaver' recoil pad and replaced the stock pad. I also added the mercury filled dampening system in the butt. While shooting this combination side-by-side with a stock SBE and 3 1/2" magnum loads, there was very noticeable difference...I estimate a 30% reduction in felt recoil over stock. It definately brings it well into the tolerable range. Caution though, it does make the gun heavier, so hauling it around after bunnies all day will be felt the next day.

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I shoot a 28" @ the skeet field, for waterfowl and for upland birds. Once the 28" barrel has been used you will find that you like it I think. Follow thru is a lot better with a little more length. In the heat of the moment while taking a shot I honestly have never noticed recoil in any of the loads.


You are going to like the SBE. I have bought 2 Browning Golds since I bought the SBE several years ago and always go back to the Benelli. I can hunt waterfowl in the morning & then go to the birds fields for the afternoon day after day and not have to worry about a misfire, The gun can live in the water and dust and still bang out the shells.

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BTW, the Benelli is inertia operated, not recoil operated - there is a difference...


I pretty much agree with most of the others comments. I haven't tried the recoil reducers, but most of the time I don't need it (although I do have pics of my bruised shoulder from shooting 350 rounds on clay pigeons one day).

The steady grip is great for turkeys and defense situations, but I can't stand them for most other hunting situations where you'll have "snap shots" at fleeing game (like rabbits, quail, etc).


You won't regret the SBE, I have owned a lot of 12 gauges over the years and now I have just one - the SBE. In fact, it's the only shotgun I have besides my .410 and if Benelli would make one in that caliber I'd buy it too!

My SBE would honestly be the very last gun I'd get rid of.

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