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Paper or Plastic?


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Thanks for the close-up pics of the new issue! Glad that they kept the smooth texture finish on these. Being amongst their 1st hundred customers they sold an original model to, I received an email offering this new issue at a heavily reduced price for a short time.


It's tempting, but I'm leaning towards keeping my gunmetal grey model because nothing really bothers me about it on my H20. In any case, they are a very nice upgrade from OEM, either the alum., or poly.

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On 10/28/2017 at 9:22 AM, Toaster said:

As funny as that is, and as much as I laughed... best be careful, ya racist.


And I doubt it. "Accuracy by volume is also effective" and so is few old-school ********"" like myself, bantering him for being a dumbass while you all "nicely" voice your opinions


Yall a bunch of sugercoated puff drops anymore. Including the individual at A&S.. Speak to me like a Man, not some mumbling old man thats beaten by his wife into submission. If you cant take a sincere amount of criticism, I will call you a dumb **** and move on. I dont care.


If he doesnt wanna listen to his customer base, he can cram those gaudy silver guards up his ass sideways.


If he is too dense to see the incredibly obvious things I am telling him, what makes you think he is bright enough to deserve my attention? If he cant get the color right. What else cant he do. He is using a VMC for christ sake, this guy is no god. He is using 1990s technology.


All I see is some kinda OK product he is making to fill a void in the market and try to make a living.. All while running **** customer service, and R&D. Effectively tattooing the forehead of every product.


I wear a white T shirt, Carharts, peep show sweatpants and work boots, if I am not dressed up. I dont wear a hat with a baseball team, a shirt with a company, and shoes with a basketball player. My body is my temple and so is my M4. My girls dont wear yoga pants, and my car dont have bumper stickers.



Cool a new part, Lets all go blindly buy it.. No! Pressure the manufacture into doing it right!, before bending over and taking it.


Go Man up you bundle of sissies.. ... this place is an utter waste of time.

Carhartt work clothing are excellent quality, and I've been using them for years in the construction field. You can't go wrong with a pair of Thorogood work boots, which are also "American made" for comfort and durability. So, yes to the clothing, no to the Carhartt boots. When it comes to professional attire, you definitely get what you pay for. A word of caution: never slouch in your shoes. Spend a bit more money on a high-quality footwear. I hope this was helpful. Best wishes.

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