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Installed FFT/Wolff Springs- no change in trigger pull


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Just as the title says . . .


I have an M4 with a horrible trigger pull. No creep but extremely heavy. So I installed the FFT/Wolff spring pack. No change. Ok, the break is a tad better. Was I expecting too much? I thought it was good for a 2lb reduction.


Several years ago I installed an FFT hammer in another M4 for 922r and it did lighten things up. I suppose I have to go that route again? FFT no longer sells them separate though. Not sure I want to drop another $200 on their hammer/trigger bundle.


Any thoughts? I may try the TTI trigger spring . . .



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Just an update.

I installed the TTI reduced power trigger spring.

I would say it lessened the pull by a pound, maybe 1.5lbs.

There is a little creep now but I don't mind as it lets you know what is happening.


The spring didn't like to stay in the pocket like the factory one or the Wolff ones during installation.

A dab of grease was used to hold it in place. Also, I didn't pay enough attention to the trigger pin

and it walked out far enough to let the shell release lever spring (which requires 3 hands to reinstall) fly

across the room.


Take this with a grain of salt. This is just an example of one. I think it was worth it for $7.99.

The trigger has gone from atrocious to merely bad. Who knows how these parts would work in a trigger

pack that wasn't so bad from the beginning.


I will update again once I put some more rounds through it.

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