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New “Unique” Benelli M4, and questions.


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I recently bought a Benelli M4 Southern Grind Edition. It’s a normal M4, but with a bunch of other Benelli Branded Stuff, so it’s not really unique.


But it did come with a custom Pelican Case, which although I think is a tad too big it’s done very nicely.


This case has a couple of extra compartments that you could pull the foam plugs out and use for something, maybe a box of shells or some ear pro (cans or foamies), but I thought maybe there might be something specific to the M4 or even shotguns that I’m not aware of.


The spare compartments are marked by arrows. The smaller one to the right is very shallow, the one to the left is the deepest compartment in the case, about 7/8 of a credit card length.


Any thoughts as to what their intended purpose would be?


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Nice! Yeah, those on sale for $1900 were a pretty slick deal!


It is a nice set up.


I ended up paying 1,799, which is about as cheap as I’ve seen a 11707 go for new on GB, so I effectively got all the extras for free (not sure what comes in the regular 11707 package though).

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