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Unifluid MF-82


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This is the product the Benelli shotguns ship with. I am curious to learn more about it. So far:



source: http://www.brignoliarmi.com/698/hunting-articles-beretta-accessories-guns-oil-oil-unifluid-allgun

- It cleans, lubricates and protects. Dissolves the residues from the combustion of gunpowder. Anti-rust, eliminates moisture. It remains fluid even at -32 ° C.


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On 3/15/2018 at 9:25 AM, Evolution said:

Whatever it is....it's never gonna be worth ten euros to me for that tiny little bottle, unless maybe if it disassembles the gun, cleans it, and reassembles it all with the application of a single spray.;)

I would not buy it either. LOL  I looked this up because I found a bottle.  so free for me.   I didn't know what it was actually, I typed it in and this came up.   cool since I have a lot of old dirty guns. LOL     but YUP  free Bee brand new bottle of MF-82       looks like it;s pretty poisonous - say do not induce vomiting.   must be that it doesn't take much to use it, I am guessing anyway since this bottle is so small.  says 50ML on the side. 
  I wonder if these folks realize how many tacos a guy can buy with ten dollars... LOL

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