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Outlawed Gun

E Roberts

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something to do with the configuration of an imported firearm

they can be imported in one config legally, but if you add something to it, such as a mag tube extension, then it's in a form that couldn't have been imported originally, so it becomes illegal


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Waldo1, I'm guessing you're correct 'bout the "pre-ban" shotgun

Ernie R, I believe that a 5-shot capacity is still considered a "sporting" gun but then I wonder if you'd be wrong for putting the extension on a Montefeltro

threeshot, I'll try and see if I can find something definite at work tomorrow

(edit:I'll have to find out the mag capacity limitations for sure cause I just looked on the Franchi site and they still have the 2-shot extension listed which if you put it on a 912/712, it'll give you a 7+1 capacity)


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There's been so much discussion as to an imported gun with more than 5 rounds being prohibited by 922®. Benelli even said they cannot import the M2 practical due to ATF's crackdown on them. If this is so, then why can you still purchase a Winchester Super X2 Practical or FN self loading police?


I posted this last week in the Armory section for shotguns on AR15.com. Plenty of 'experts' there yet no one has responded to this ...


"Direct from the 'fine print' section in the back of the Winchester 2005 catalog, "Super X2 and Select shotguns are manufactured in Belgium and assembled in Portugal." I think the FNs are even marked made in Belgium.


Since both the FN and X2 practical have one piece extended magazine tubes, it would seem to be pretty clear these are imported in this configuration, one which we think violates 922r and which we think is the reason Benelli was stopped. And yet FNs and X2 Practicals continue to be openly sold while Benelli cannot sell extensions or even import their pratical model.


It seems strange to enforce this rule only against Benelli, unless there is some other issue between Benelli and the feds we don't know about (hmmm Uncle Sam isn't trying to negotiate a new contract on M1014s are they??). So has anyone heard of Winchester or FN shotguns coming under scrutiny as has Benelli?"

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no, I don't think Benelli is holding import of things

when I asked why we couldn't get any 20ga mag extensions, the store owner said Benelli stated that the extensions are being held up in Customs which are waiting for the go ahead from the ATF


another thing that was told to me today was while you can't get a Benelli mag tube, you can get a 3rd party extension, if there was one available (maybe those that are available on Tom Knapp's site?)


we were busy today at work and I didn't have time to look for the reg regarding the restriction

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If I can order a 5 shot extension, I'm going to install it and take my chances afield with it. Does anyone know what overall length that extension would be, and how far from the end of the muzzle on a 26" barrel it would leave it?

Thank you all for your responses on this matter. You guys in the states have far more leanient laws then us poor gunners up here. God bless America!



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Not to pull up an old topic. But....I regularly have my 3 shot extention in (7+1). I shoot trap with it on there, and one of the regulars at my stepdads trap park just so happens to be the local fish cop. He knows me, knows what I shoot. Never hassled me once for it. Is it just not that big of a problem, or is he just waiting to bust me in the field with it?

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Hi there,


I'm certainly not the legal expert but the way I understand it is:

-Pump guns from anywhere are not included

-Domestic Semi auto SG's allow for high cap mag extensions

-Imported semi auto SG's DO NOT allow for more mag cap than factory because to do so would bring the total number of imported parts to 10 or greater making it illegal. In the event you buy as many domestically made benelli parts for your SG and can produce a semi auto with less than 10 importes parts including the high cap mag extender, then you're OK. Unfortunately this isn't possible due to the lack of domestic parts.

Again, this is just my interpretation.

Please correct, clarify or expand

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