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M4 Loading Issue - Round On Carrier


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I've been having loading issues with my M4. I'll depress the carrier and put a round in. No problem. I'll go to slide the next one in and have to manually hold the carrier or it pops up and a round slides onto it. At that point, I can't insert more.


I was in the field when this first happened and had to hold the carrier up and feed rounds using my other hand. It's kind of a tough issue to articulate, hope this makes sense. From what I recall, the carrier used to stay in place and allow me to feed the tube to capacity. If this post doesn't make sense I can post a video.


Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

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Post that video showing the loading procedure and problem.




The M4 shell carrier SHOULD move back down after loading each shell. The shell latch (shell stop) will hold the shotshell in the magazine tube – if the the shell latch is working properly AND the shell you just loaded is fully inserted into the tube.

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