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M2 Magazine Follower Jammed


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I am a shooter in the UK with an M2 Field 1+2. I estimate around 1000 rounds have gone through it. However, after the last 300 rounds or so malfunctions have begun such as second round not chambering and stuck on the lifter. I put this down to me using light loads such as 24/26 grams. 

During my last shoot the problem increased and then the magazine tube follower is jammed in the tube. I can push it (requiring great force) back in to the tube but it gets snagged again when it falls back toward the chamber end of the tube. It no longer comes flush with the end of the tube in to the receiver and is stuck around an inch into the tube. I’m thinking the cycling issues may have all been down to a stiff or jammed follower not allowing shells to pass easily to the lifter. 

Ive tried to clean it by taking the cap and spring out the mag tube but the follower will not come out.

Has anyone had or heard of this issue? Does anyone know if I can take the tube off?

Iwant to clean it and maybe replace the follower to hopefully resolve this problem. I’ve spent ages researching online but can’t find anything on the M2 Field. 


Thanks in advance. 

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The M2 magazine tube can be unscrewed from the receiver. If it installed with red thread locker so heat will be needed to loosen the thread locker.


Be careful and use a damp, cold rag around the magazine tube about 2” in front of the receiver. The magazine tube has a threaded junction in that area and will sometimes come apart there if the heat loosens the thread locker in that area.


If you can some how drive the follower out the end of the magazine tube (flexible wooded rod inserted from the receiver end?) I think your interior cleaning job will be much easier.

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I cannot imagine why the follower would not come out. You should be able to remove the cap & spring, be able to inspect and clean the tube well enough to get the follower out the open end. Once you get the follower out (if you get the follower out) you should be able to thoroughly inspect & clean the entire magazine tube.

It might not be a bad idea to replace the spring and it wouldn't hurt to replace the follower too.

You could go through the process of removing the magazine tube, but I'd exhaust all other options before doing that. I've done that with my Benelli M4, it's not that hard, but why do it if you don't have to.

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Thanks guys. I had to take the magazine off as Steve Rose explained above. Cleaned it out and found what Fodderwing mentioned, lots of grit and wear which needed to be cleaned out and is now back to working order. 

Been a pain but looking forward to getting it back on the field.

Thanks again. 

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