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Which is best for 'loose' handling? M2 vs. M4


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I'm completely unfamiliar with the handling of the M2, therefore I'm posing this question since I just don't know. I'm hoping a RKI who has experience with both can give me some good input.

We all want to be there for our loved ones should there be a serious threat but there may be times when they will be forced to defend themselves without our help. So which is more suitable for a mostly inexperienced smaller framed woman or teenager (like a 13 y.o. girl) to use in a stressfire situation, the M2 or the M4, considering they may not shoulder it solidly? In other words if they are holding it 'loosely'. Some semi-autos don't function well when fired without being held firmly...which would be the preferred choice in such a circumstance?


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The M4 will tolerate less than ideal stance better than the M2. Even our old M121 is a donkey kicking bastard compared to the M4. Weak loads in a Benelli may still cause failure to feed situations. I’m not a fan of the dreaded Benelli click if you shoot faster than the gun can cycle.


I prefer an AR15 over the Benelli for the house;

-Higher capacity

-Easier/faster to reload

-significantly less recoil

-Smaller overall length

-Less over penetration issues with appropriate ammunition

-Arguably simpler controls

-Lighter weight, which can really be reduced with the blooming aftermarket these days

-Longer capable range if needed

-Easier Weapon light configurations and manipulations  





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I've gone with the Glock equipped Micro Roni Stab in 9mm with Glock 33 round mags for inside the abode. It sports a build-in flashlight, T2 and a Steiner green laser. IMO the AR is way too much for use inside. Would like to equip a tactical shotgun with an IR optic.

I've owned several 121M1 Benellis, never experienced any failures to cycle to the best of my recollection. I'm thinking the light weight largely contributed to the heavy recoil. I sure do miss those 121M1s, pretty sweet shotguns in many respects, however I won't own anything that one is unable to get spare parts for.

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Like a FLIR optic? You’ll need to most forgiving eye relief model to keep from getting kissed. Most of the ones I used requires you to have your eye pretty close to the reticle to minimize the light spill. 


Agreed on the M121. Ours broke several times. Barrel hanger sheered off kind of stuff. Love it though. 


For indoors, smaller is better. I was tasked one time to clear an old mine that we were getting reports of noises inside. At the time I had a short barreled Noveske rifle in around 10.5” if I recall. In the confined spaces I elected to drop it to the slung position and continue on with the pistol. It ended up just being water seeping through the ceiling into a pool of water  


I’d be worried about making something too complicated to be used. The more bells and whistles, the more training is required to be proficient. Are yours willing to get slapped around by the shotgun every couple months on the range and tear up their nails loading the shotgun? 

Anything with an optic, I’d want to be a long running dot optic that is always on. Anything you have to turn on takes too long under duress. Magnification is likely to hinder more than help when it comes to speed.

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Yeah - You’re going to have a bad time indoors with any firearm. I’ve played with the concept of building an internally suppressed AR, but haven’t done it yet. I’m applying for my SOT this year to facilitate it. 

A pistol caliber AR would be an excellent host or maybe just 300 blackout. The 300 would be better since you don’t run in to the magazine and bolt hold open issues that the Glock pattern lowers have. 

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