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recoil spring removal on M1


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I am not sure on this but if I dropped my gun in the lake or something where the gun became submerged I would completely strip the gun. Clean and let it dry. To remove the recoil spring I believe that you must remove the butt plate then the stock. After that is removed you will have a round metal tube. You will need to remove the end that faces the butt plate, which is the stock retaining nut and the stock retaining nut screw. Then you will be able to remove the recoil spring, the Damper spring, damper pin, guide bush and the recoil spring plunger. I would get WD-40 and soak these parts, and EVERY OTHER part that WILL rust. Let them dry over night and then use a good gun oil on all the parts. Assemble the gun and good luck.

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Thanks for the information. It would have been nice if they had included it in the owners manual because (being an avid waterfowler) this situation is not uncommon. I routinely hunt in weather that will soak a gun just as bad.

By the way if you do submerge your gun it will still work just check your barrel for obstruction and your action for any small aquatic life. Try that with another type of semi!

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Good information above. Let's clear up a few things. The recoil spring should be cleaned every year. Gun Scrub & a 20 gauge wire brush thru the tube works great. Then lightly oil the spring, (to prevent corosion) with sythetic lube. This will assist with congeal at low temp. operations. Additionally the recoil spring should be cleaned when submerged. With heavy use the recoil spring should be replaced at first sign of the rotating bolt not closing on the follow up shot. My experience is the Wolff 25% increase spring works far better than the original, however I do not shoot low base 7/8oz. shot. The original Benelli Montefeltro imported by H&K did not even have a nut to unscrew the bolt assembly to get the rear spring out. I have replaced many recoil springs and found heat needs to be applied in half of the replacement I have done. A Bic type lighter for 45 seconds usually is all you need. Concluding the recoil spring is a vital part of your Benelli autoloading shotgun. It is also the most ignored component. Clean it, replace it when needed and your gun will perform without fault. I have shot one of the original Montefeltro's imported by H&K and 3 other Benelli's for years and they are without question the premier shotgun on the market!

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