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Strike Hayl Rail No set screws


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I just wanted to share my experience so far with the Hayl Rail. Personally I like it and think it looks better than all of the other options out there including the M80. People don't like the idea of set screws and I agree but if you run some RTV in the channel front and back of the forend it sits on the gun nice and tight with no wobble. I can post some pics if anyone is interested. 

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Sure, we always like to see photos of accessory fitment!

I'm curious, did you apply the RTV in the channel, let it set up then install the forend? There's a lot of different ways to do it. Some might de-grease the forend, lube the channel, apply RTV, install the handguard, let the RTV set and then you didn't modify the weapon at all, only the forend. Some might prefer to let the RTV stay in the channel.

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2 hours ago, Milspec said:

Can someone enlighten me and tell me what RTV is?

RTV is "Room temp vulcanization"  Refers to a silicone sealant used for gasket making on engine parts like oil and transmission pans as well as many other uses.  JB weld makes one in black...but there are many other brands.

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ok here are some pics. I put the RTV in the channel and let it set up over night I didn't degrease it first but maybe I should have. Not sure if its a permanent fix or something that would need to be redone occasionally. It beats the hell out of paying $500 plus for another M80.



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