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$2,000 single shot


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I have several Benelli guns as well.  Super Sport, SBE2, SBE1, M1, SuperNova.

My SBE2 has been a Lemon since day 1 and I feel your pain, it's an 1,800 dollar paper weight.  I've done two warranty returns on it, it still has issues and doesn't eject shells properly. 

My 20 year old SBE1 has close to 50,000 rounds through it, it's an amazing gun.  My SBE2 has maybe 1,000 and jams almost every other shell.

EdWalton, are two shells being ejected from the magazine tube into the action when the bolt locks back?  What kind of shells are you shooting when you experience the issue?


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wtrfwl801, please send me a PM, I will assist you on making your SBE 2, 100% reliable.  I have worked on more than 750 Benelli's, every one has performed flawlessly upon completion.  You asking EdWalton about his magazine tube.  It sound like you are having issues with yours.  If so your carrier latch is bent.  Do you have a extended magazine tube added to the gun?  I have seen brand new Benelli's and Franchi's with carrier latches slightly out of tolerance.  You did not mention what the factory did with your repairs.  I have seen on multiple occasions 20 gauge spring, recoil tube, installed in 12 gauge guns.  

Sure like to help.



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