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Surefire M300 vs M600DF Light for M4


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I think I'm going to move my M300 to something else and grab a M600 for the B M4.  What is the better light body option out of the two for the SF M600? 

Backbone body or Modlite 18650?

I have the Backbone for my M300 and it seems to have more versatility in terms of mounting positions.

I'm just wondering what the benefit of choosing the Modlite would be over the BB?


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If you’re using the M600DF, your only options at the moment are the factory body or the Modlite 18650 body. The Modlite body mandates that you use the rechargeable cells. The factory body allows you to use the rechargeable battery or the 123A batteries at a reduced output level. 

Modlite sells KeepPower 18650 cells which top shelf quality. You’ll want their 3,500mAh rated batteries. The NiteCore D2 charger is awesome. It gives you a lot of data about the condition of the battery. They’re inexpensive too. 

I have several 500 lumen Surefire M600C lamps which run on 123A’s. They’re output is decent. The M600IB is a step above the C with the auto gain benefits which help a lot indoors. Now the M600DF is several magnitudes above both in terms of flood output. I’m probably going to swap over to a DF on my AR15 and leave the IB on the Benelli. 

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