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Chest rig


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Thought I would show off my chest rig. It’s not 100% complete yet. 53 rounds of 12 gauge in an easy to access setup with knife (I had it so I decided to use it, lol),  tourniquet, and med shears. I am waiting for my tourniquet to arrive later today. if I want I can add my hydration pack from my other rig. 

I wanted to use horizontal shell carriers in front. I had 1 vertical 6 shell carrier around already so I bought 2 more and just used them on the front of the M4 pouches until I get the horizontal ones. They work fine pulling shells but they are slightly awkward compared to a horizontal configuration. The horizontals are backordered indefinitely so until they arrive these will work. 

The upper chest card I will have to test out bc I am not certain how much hold the Velcro will have. It works fine around the house but may come loose running around. In any case I may sew on some of the industrial strength type Velcro to the chest plate.

I also contacted a couple of shell card makers to produce a 9-10 round card that fits the top better. If I do that I may just sew the whole thing on. 


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Its my budget build rig. I am just now getting into shotgun and wasn't going to blow a lot of $$ on a rig. I did however want something useful that I felt would work. I decided early on to use the ESSTAC cards so integrating them was easy. They fit much nicer in HSG TACOS but I wasn't spending the $$ plus they were getting scarce the last couple of weeks. Its a Condor MCR3 chest panel. I used cheap Tigris mag pouches with decent molle on the front. Tactical Tailor 6 round Molle carriers (they also sell a velcro version). The rest I added with things I had already. The harness is condor from another chest rig I had that now wears my hydration bladder instead. The tourniquet and EMT shear holder is a cheap One Tigris also. I added them bc a lot of the classes I take require some for of tourniquet as a minimum med kit. The light stick was an add just bc I had an extra loop, lol. 

If I was being serious I would go with a larger chest rig with a bit more real estate and all TACOS and Tactical Tailor. 

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