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Benelli Plant?


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Me again,

Just wondering if Benelli plant has reopened and producing the M4's being every one is sold out I assume because of the impulse buying around this Virus crap!  I am going to place and order on good advice I got from @StrangerDanger who has been a huge help!  

The Benelli 11715 or 11721, $50 more to get the 11715 with NS!  The site I will order will take the preorders but can't give timeline!   I figure If I place the order at least I'll get my place in line, I've waited years to get this anyways!



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45 minutes ago, CobraBG said:


I have no idea if they are open daily for business but you could always give them a call.

My 11721 has been great!

Sorry, didn't mean to post the image twice...


Thanks, I'll call!

Yes that the model @StrangerDanger danger recommended 11721, I may just get that and add good NS'd later!  How do you like it and any pics!   Where did you buy it!



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I sent an email to Benelli and got this response,

Customer2 <[email protected]>

7:57 AM (9 hours ago)
cleardot.gifHi Michael,

Thank you for contacting Benelli USA. Our factory is still up and running, and we have continued to get shipments just not as large as they normally are. The factory is back to normal shipping as of a few weeks ago. The models listed below are still being produced. Our LE guns take a little longer since we have to start with the base model and add all of the LE parts to it, so typically if we have a backorder on these items, it will take about 60-90 days for it to be complete.

I hope this helps!


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