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  1. It would be a handy feature if the single extra shell was essential. I understand that sometimes it can be. It's not for me though. I like the KISS keep it simple stupid style. I already have a light on my M4 handguard and don't want extra hardware or snag points. A Velcro side saddle on the receiver would make more sense to me if you want to carry extra rounds.
  2. Welcome from PA. You definitely got a good deal on that. My guess is that it is not a special edition and that the Marine medallion was added. There are others here way more knowledgeable than me and I'm sure they will be able to offer better opinions.
  3. I keep my Peltor electronic muffs on the side table... unfortunately I don't have a pink lamp. 😉
  4. My factory trigger and polymer frame work well with the FFT spring kit. All I installed are the springs, I think they're Wolff. I did not buy the FFT trigger. Other than being stamped as a US part is there any real advantage to the FFT trigger?
  5. I'm not close enough to you to be helpful. I do have a M1S90 and I can say that the M4 is a noticeably softer shooter.
  6. That bid of $5999 is crazy. This is not the right time to purchase a firearm, especially a highly sought after one.
  7. That exactly what I've always thought.
  8. Excellent point! If the attacker is running away... leaving, it would be considered that the threat is no longer (I have no legal background)? You are not in fear for your life? Like Stranger, I don't want to get involved in the murky litigation. When I lived in Houston TX, my neighbor was a Harris County Sheriff and he always told me that if I ever shot an attacker at home to be sure to drag him inside before calling the police. He was serious and I'm not so sure it's a good idea. For home defense my primary is a handgun with a light and extra mags. Both a shotgun and rifle ar
  9. I have ordered many of their slings and if you want to have the QDs at each end just ask. They will make anything you need. It is not clearly shown or stated in their advertising.
  10. It sure is, never would have thought I would have vise envy... Very nice set up SD!
  11. Thanks for the info... that looks sinister. Is it suitable for both 00 buck and slugs? I'm interested to know if you think it makes a difference as a compensator vs. just a cool looking breaching tool. Let us know.
  12. I know it sounds odd but that's what I used. I didn't actually cut, it was more of a scraping. I gently wore down the flash line from the casting along the 2 long edges of the sling slot. Very little needed to be removed for the clearance I needed. At first I was going to use a very small flat file but I was concerned that it would be too aggressive and leave marks.
  13. I used a small utility knife with a fresh blade and went slowly.
  14. I very gently trimmed the slot opening along the full length to allow clearance for the mount and screws. This way the mount can easily be relocated if needed without any marks. With the QD mount removed you can't even tell anything was trimmed.
  15. Can you post pics or a link to what you bought on OP?
  16. If you ordered from Optics Planet they are known for taking orders with the impression that it is in stock only to delay shipping while they wait to receive the part. It's hit or miss with them. I gotten stuff quickly and waited for months.
  17. Now that is even better!! Thank you!
  18. I thought I would post the date codes that Milspec had provided a link to from an older thread. It may be helpful for some. These were initially posted by truckcop in 2012. "Shotgun? Proof marks are your best bet. I've found this list to be useful although I can't vouch for its complete accuracy. There's a small square on the bottom of the receiver just above the trigger guard that contains the letters. In the case of my M1's and M2's it appears accurate based on my knowledge of when I got the guns. Date of Manufacture AA 1975 AB 1976 AC 1977 AD 1978 AE 1979
  19. Thanks Stranger, this is good to have access to. When I put the Wolff springs in my trigger group I spent some time searching for a parts blow up like that.
  20. Thanks Milspec... the old post has a link that didn't take me to anything much, but truckcop posted some good detail about the 2 letter code on the bottom of the receiver. It seems to point to the year it was made. I'm going to check my M4 and my M1 S90 which I bought in the 90's. I'd like to get a more detailed date on both so I will go ahead and call Benelli as well.
  21. Can the manufacture date be deciphered by the serial number without placing a call to Benelli? I guess if you called they would be able to tell you. As I asked above is there a simpler notation or code on the box that identifies it?
  22. My 11721 came with the 3 position stock and the factory 7 round mag tube. I bought it new in November of 2019 and I'm not sure when it was made. Is there something on the box that indicates the manufacture date like Sig or Marlin? I still have the box.
  23. That's a good idea. Another thought would be to put an O-ring on before the cap. By compressing the O-ring it would create tension which might help keep the cap tight? Buna O-rings are only good up to 180-200 F you might want to try Viton which is good to 400. It's just a thought?
  24. I guess you decided to buy the H2O? You must have gotten a price you liked and it looks like you passed on the optic. Looks nice, two are better than one! 👍
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