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First gen M1014 vs newer M4/re-released M1014


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Hello, sorry if this has been answered (searched and went though 30 pages worth)....

Looking to purchase and have an opportunity to get a first gen M1014. I know all about the cosmetic and stock differences, but is there any real functional/resilience difference? Any improvements made in the nearly 2 decades? Am I GTG picking it up, or should I be on the lookout for one of the newer model year?

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I really don't know all the particulars of which ones etc.. I am only mentioning the one negative that I have heard about the early guns. Whether they were 1014's or M4's, I don't know. But, if I were going to buy an early one whether it was a 1014 or M4, I would look for that.

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 Be aware that there are newly produced M1014’s that have the flag stamp on the receiver. They will not have the serial markings of 1-2500. 

The original M1014 has the 2 port barrels. It won’t have a removable choke and there are some design differences where the barrel seats against the receiver and inside the receiver where the barrel extension seats near the top of the receiver. Since the barrel doesn’t have that larger seating face, the handguards are slightly different than the newer production models.

The original M1014 has a cast aluminum trigger frame where as the newer production models are polymer. 

Changes in the finish of parts will be noted. Such as the ARGO plugs may appear different. Anodizing has varied over the years. 

The M1014 will come with a neutered receiver extension that will not permit the collapsible stock to collapse. The older collapsible stocks use Phillips screws on the cheek riser instead of the newer allen head design. 

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