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Can someone ID this Benelli barrel by looking at it or by S/N?


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I have this barrel that I bought a few years ago that was allegedly a M1 slug barrel but when I got it, it turns out to be a smoothbore fixed choke barrel with basically fixed sights. It has sat in the safe since. I wondered if someone could recognize it by its S/N or features, particularly the lugs on the portion that goes into the receiver (marked in red). It has the short barrel lug of the early HK era. But, in the one picture you can see the end cap and box. That box is older than any I have seen before. It is marked "S90 M1 CIL. 50 SB Magnum and I will look again tonight but I believe the S/N is what is marked on the box. It is hard to make out looking at the pictures with the writing over it. This barrel is marked C047274. I believe that is the S/N. The last picture is compared to my M1T. It is NIB so I don't want to take it apart and risk dinging something

My gun feeling is this is in fact a M1 barrel, and that the S/N does match the box, but not positive. Were there more than 1 type or era of these or does any M1 (and allegedly some M2) barrel work with this? I think ultimately I am going to sell it as it isn't what I was wanting, but it is hard to find buyers for a somewhat unknown barrel.

Thanks for any help or insights you can offer.





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Looks like a garden variety older HK import M1 barrel.  It has the short barrel-ring lug and the extension is the same as the M1 below.

Top- M2  Bottom- M1

Barrels 006.jpg


M1 on top - One of my old HK imports.

Barrels 010.jpg

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Thank you very much Truckcop! I had actually searched for the referenced post but I guess I didn't go back far enough. I found it later. Last night I realized that on the box end, partially obscured by black writing, is the serial number and it does match the barrel. On the box end, I assume the top line is S90 M1 (obviously M1 Super 90) CIL (cylinder bore), the "50" is probably the length in Centimeters and magnum due to the 3" chamber. However, I am not sure what "SB" would stand for.  Last night I looked at the date code in the box on the barrel and it shows manufactured in 1987. Is that still during HK's partnership with Benelli? I am not sure when they started, and when it changed to BenelliUSA. I think the end of HK markings was maybe 97 or around there. No idea when they started though.

If I list this for sale (on Gunbroker) do you mind if I use those pictures so people know what to look for as far as compatibility? I knew there was a one piece extended mag tube and the standard type. I didn't know there were 3 or that they weren't necessarily compatible without modifications.

I've learned a few things the last couple of days on this and a few other posts about the compatibility between models. I have been a big Benelli fan since the early 90's. a HK SBE was my 2nd shotgun. Shortly after, it became my only shotgun since it could do it all. Since then, I've acquired 2 M3T top folders, a 11711 H2O M4 (NIB) and a standard M4 with the conversion and 922r parts to be legal with an extended mag and collapsible stock. Also, another SBE, 24", 26", and 28" barrels both from SBE and SBE2. I also got a slug barrel and modified forearm. I got a 20 gauge Montefeltro for my wife to skeet shoot with (she loves it and hits better now than ever before).





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